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Our Facility

iTS is located in Mineola, New York. It has a class 10,000 clean room, a complete Metrology Lab and a Research and Development facility equipped with a state-of-the-art Krytek machine. Our facility is 6,000ft² and is supported by our team of 20 personnel working in Procurement, Quality Control, Engineering and Sales & Marketing. 

Clean Room 

iTS boasts a 225ft² Class 10,000 clean room. All parts leaving our facility are thoroughly cleaned and tested in our medium vacuum oven for Residual Gas, enabling customer's to purchase from iTS with the utmost confidence and assurance. 

Quality Control

In addition to iTS's Class 10,000 clean room, iTS possess a fully equipped Metrology Lab managed by personnel with over 50 combined years of experience. Every product offered is tested by our QC Team, ensuring that all requirements set forth by the customer's specification are met.  

Research and Development

iTS is committed to providing customers with pioneering solutions in the Ion Implantation sphere. Consequently, iTS has established an R&D facility in its existing office. The Company boasts a modified state-of-the-art Krytek, Optical Pyrometer for temperature measurements,  Thermionic Electron Emmissivity Probes and the capability to run Ion Implant simulations.

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