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iTS Enhancements for Varian Implanters

iTS has developed many improvements for Varian Implanters. Our improvements increase Implanter Uptime, and reduce Cost of Consumables, Gas Consumption, and Maintenance Time. These improvements are created based on customer requests.
Below is the list of Varian Implanters and assemblies that we support.

Implanters Supported

  • Source

  • Electrode

  • Varian E220/500

  • Varian HC

  • Varian HCS/HCP

  • Varian Kestrel

  • Varian Viision 200

  • Varian Viista 80

  • Varian Viista 810

  • Varian Viista 900

  • Varian Viista 3000

Upgraded Assemblies

iTS is not the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for any of the Implanters for which it supplies parts. iTS does not produce its products in conjunction with OEMs. iTS designs and produces its own parts and assemblies using its own design and intellectual property.

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